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we’ve been wondering what it is about the city that keeps it going on relentlessly. is it it’s history, it’s pace, it’s iconic buildings?
for us, Bombay is everything, but nothing without it’s people.

introducing the oh! bombay series as an ode to the icons and little joys of this city through her people!

each is a set of 3 artworks | 10” x 10”


double decker

A ‘two-storied’ bus, if we may. let the fascinating and increasingly uncommon double decker buses take you on a fun ride around the city streets. Mind you, keep your cameras ready!

07 low


Who knew this horse could drag so many of us to get together!

Host of the famous Kalaghoda festival every year, a hotspot for arts and culture centered around the statue of a renowned black horse- here is the Kalaghoda for you.

04 low


An army of men, delivering lovely home-cooked food to your workspaces daily- presenting the exclusive to our Bombay- The dabbawalas.



You hardly must have seen a grander entrance to a country! Welcoming you with flowers and piers  full love, enter our land through our representation of the popular Gateway of India.

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