the first karigar, Sahiba Madan, studied architecture from Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture for 5 years and worked full time as an architect for nearly 2 years. In her final year, she conducted an intensive research study on traditional building crafts of India and hand illustrated a series of postcards for it. These in turn, inspired KalakaariHaath.

Kalakaari Haath: the skilled hands, is an exploration of architecture, design and illustration.  The designs and creatives are inspired from traditional hand crafts of India among many other things.
Traditional methods of crafting and design expression influence almost all of our work, right from its conceptualisation to execution.

Traditional craftsmen are the principal carriers of the body of skills and knowledge required to use traditional materials and technologies. KalakaariHaath works extensively with traditional craftsmen of India.

In a context of today, where individual scopes are so well defined in building cultures, the craftsmen are often looked at as an execution team, completely independent of design. We’re constantly trying to reconfigure the role of the architect and the craftsmen in every project.

our founder, Sahiba Madan’s final architecture research and design project hidden hands : figuring out the role of the architect vs the craftsmen received a citation at the Charles Correa Gold Medal Award, 2012.