We are a Mumbai based studio working in diverse design disciplines. We use design as a medium of collaborative story telling.
Our body of work largely entails to graphic design, illustration and wall features.


Sahiba completed her Bachelors in Architecture in 2012 from Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture, Mumbai. After which she worked for nearly three years at Studio LAB and Abraham John Architects. During her final year of architecture, she conducted an intensive research study on traditional building crafts of india and hand illustrated a series of postcards as documentation. these in turn, inspired kalakaarihaath.

She is the founder at Insitu (2019) an architectural and interior design studio focussed on crafting in place.

Sahiba is a visiting design faculty at ISDI Parsons, Mumbai. She has also been a part of juries on Design & Architecture within India and has conducted multiple masterclasses for students in various design schools in the country.

​Sahiba received a citation at the gold medal jury for her final year design dissertation, ‘hidden hands : refiguring roles of the architect and craftsmen

We believe that honesty connects with people and lives beyond.
Our work makes us who we are — these are values that we are committed to live through our practice.

Evolving design practice

Evolving design practice

Through each project, we are constantly trying to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary by making it relevant to a context of today.

Better creative thinking processes

We believe in more than skill building. our design approach attempts to create better design solutions through intelligent and contextual creative thinking.

Everyone loves a good story

We create simple stories that connect with everyone.

Design is for everyone

We make our work accessible, through medium, material and execution processes.

People make process

We empower people to think better, make better.

Adapt with agility

We experiment often : try new things. test, fail, tweak, learn.