Wall Decal | FAQ

Q. What are easy wall decals?
A. Easy wall decals are originally hand illustrated DIY self-adhesive wall tattoos.

Q. How do you install an easy wall decal?
A. Easy wall decals are self-installed. Refer to the product care in your package or the installation section above for a step by step understanding of installation.

Q. Where can we use easy wall decals?
A. Easy wall decals are best applied indoors on a smooth wall finish except metal, stone, tile. (any surface that changes temperature)

Q. Are easy wall decals reusable?
A. Easy wall decals are not reusable.

Q. What is the life of an easy wall decals?
A. Much like anything else, easy wall decals last as long as you care for them. On an average, their life is aleast 3-5 years or until you repaint the wall/surface.

Q. How long can wall decals be stored before application?
A. Our wall decals are self adhesive tattoos and are best applied within 3-5 days of receiving them. Long storage of wall decals may impact the adhesive strength or other issues during application.