Your Workspace Speaks Of Who?

not all conference rooms talks need to be about work.

a set of 9 round frames composed on the three yoga asanas, padmasana, shavasana, vrikshasana, finished in the grains of teakwood frames on a cement textured wall.
| 24”, 21” and 14”

what is space?
Is it the beyond? Or the immediate
places we called home? Or just a play of our minds?
Homes and personal spaces form a big part of the
identity of a living being. These can, of course, vary
in physicality for every being; tables, buildings,
towns, forests and so on. This artwork looks at the
multi-faceted concept of ‘space’ through a mixed
medium collage playing with the idea of gravity and
the pull towards ‘comfort’. It explores and questions
the typical manner in which humans interact with
certain interior spaces through various
moments of humor.

style : mix media, hand illustrated and digital collage work
medium : wall frames and wall decals

architect : NDA Architects
photographs : NDA Architects


Ar. Nikit Deshlara

Durg, Chattisgarh, India