sharing from our recently completed series of wall art based on concepts of spirituality and yoga.

padmasana : lotus pose
the form is derived from that of a lotus, which has been the emphasis in the artwork.
most deities and gods are represented in this posture, which drives the point that God is both,the beginning and end of the circle of life and our journey.


vakrasana : tree pose.
much like the tree trunk, the centre of the body is the spine. vakrasana talks about strengthening the centre of our body so as to remain grounded and persevere through tough times of life. it represents the journey, i.e. the in between phase from ‘the beginning’ to ‘the end’.


shavasana: corpse pose
by emulating a corpse through conscious relaxation, one symbolically dies in order to be born anew. in the artwork, the body in shavasana emphaises the opportunity to relinquish our individual limitations in order to merge with a power greater than ourselves. the various hand gestures/mudras are used to educate ourselves and constantly remind ourself of the importance of these attributes of life.


trikonasana: triangle pose
the form is derived from the triangle- the most stable form of geometry. it suggests a life attitude : the hands are directed towards the sky, aiming high with goals but being grounded on your feet, without being carried away or influenced by early success and failure.

handmade // walls with stories

sizes: completely customised //

style: hand drawn // hand painted // digitally created // final application an be a framed wall art or wallpaper