Interdependence and Community living. Each of us co-exists in a symbiotic ecosystem as individuals growing from each other’s strengths. The idea was to use multiple forms and styles of Indian art to be overlaid into one artwork. The use of diverse styles and materials as a metaphor to represent the strengths of each of the unsung heroes that contribute to the overall health and life of this ecosystem. We identified who these heroes were in our ecosystem and used the artwork as a platform to showcase their strengths and skills. Use of wood, stone, brass, thread, explorations in various forms of embroidery goes further to detail their individual roles and contribution to our balanced symbiosis.

Pleased to contribute this piece to and @lays_india’s wonderful initiative to raise funds to supply PPE and hygiene kits to farmers, truck drivers, daily wagers and all other unsung heroes doing their bits across the country.

Style : Acrylic paints + Oil paints + Water colours
Medium : The base is a stretched canvas print with originally hand painted motifs. These are accented with hand embroidery techniques, brass accents and wood textures.



Mumbai, India