Speaking Classrooms

a one of a kind Playschool in Ahmedabad where we conceptualised, designed and executed artworks for each of their beautifully designed classrooms. a total of nine classrooms, each dedicated to a concept. some ideas we came up with,

space room:
take a boat to the moon?
climb up into space, collect some stars, paint some constellations and maybe even float around with the planets from the solar system. space is endless and so are all your possibilities of exploration.

ocean room :
what’s under the surface of water?
curious to know, a little girl looks under the water to see what is underneath, only to see the fish coming up to tell her about her best friend.

mountain room :
the world is your playground.
inspired from nursery rhymes like Jack & Jill and stories like Heidi,
the illustration depicts the landscape of mountains in its scale with kids running up and playing. the illustration translates an interaction of the kids with animals and birds native to mountains.
these include sheep that are grazing, deer, birds both chubby ones and the eagles flying higher up. irises, lupines, daisies and mountain bells are among the plants that adorn the mountain.

forest room :
hide and seek in the forest
the animals are all out to play.
some are swinging around, a few are in conversation and the others look for those who are hiding.
its one big, green playground. so look around and spot
them all.

library :
and then that morning,
if the characters from your favourite tales came alive to tell you of their lives and stories

music room:
impromptu melodies.
the notes are singing on the page,
you will find the music in the birds chirping outside, in the keys that the ellie plays.
the fox are marching with the drums
and the rabbits play the strings
oh and did you hear that tune that the bear plays on the trumpet?

lego room :
its raining building blocks
this is an adaption of a lego city being built block by block by a tetris puzzle dropping down from the skylight

lunch room :
eat your greens.
parts of the lunch room/ cafe for the little ones and their mommies.

science room :
life in different forms
look through the magnifying glass. spot a little bug
a new bud
the tadpoles from your pond
the patterns on leaves the colours of the soil
the wings of the butterfly

style : watercolours + brush pens
medium : originally hand painted wall tattoos

architect: blocher partners india


Toy Blocks Preschool & Activity Hub

Ahmedabad, Gujarat