A Hotel In A City

what is a city?
to think about how any city came to be, we trace back to what it was when it wasn’t a city at all.
back to when it was merely a part of everything else, a part of nature. it’s elements, residents, fabric, character were only those of nature.
the city of bangalore, came into human existence because of it’s pleasant weather. the extensive green spaces, open areas, unusual lakes and ponds were the first residents of the city. all that back then and the city still holds the name of the ‘garden city’
part one of an ongoing set of artworks developed for a new hospitality project in Bangalore. the idea is to build vertically upwards, also demarcating it’s growth and progress.
each room was dedicated to one such element of this beautiful city through a canvas with wall decal spills and lots of hand embroidered goodness.

style : acrylic paints + oil paints + water colours
medium : originally hand painted artwork printed on canvas with hand painted accents, wall decal spills and detailed hand embroidery.



White Plate Hotel

M.G. road, Bangalore