450 / sq. ft.

While travelling to Rajasthan, we visited Ramgarh, a small town in the interiors of the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. At its peak, Ramgarh was one of the richest towns of India and thus birthed the best of architecture and culture.

The artwork is a quirky pop-art take on the chatris of Ramgarh. Chatris were essentially rest houses made for the travellers, completely funded by the Seths or the wealthy of Ramgarh.

This is a mix-media graphic, majorly hand illustrated and partly digitally created.

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style : textured handcrafted wallpapers
quality : 0.5mm thk // canvas texture
cost : @INR 750/- p.sft | minimum quantity 60sq.ft
maintainence : wipe clean with a damp cloth.
(we love our work. therefore, each order is custom printed for you. based on the area of application, we resize the repeat and pattern, almost like it was crafted just for you)

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