Forever Bloom


Product Details
Product Details

A wallpaper series created using motifs inspired from nature that came together all too happy with the end of summer. (at least signs of)

Each of these are originally hand painted motifs converted into printed wallpapers.

Paper Texture – Feather

Eco Friendly Wallpapers


100% Green Technology

100% GREEN

PVC Free & Odourless


Scratch Resistant


Dimensions & Care

Each roll covers approximately 60 sq.ft.
The wallpaper panel is 84 inches x 96 inches (w x h) with bleed margins on all four sides.

We suggest you wipe them clean with a damp cloth.

Installation & Shipping

The wallpaper is best applied 7-10days after a
smooth finish coat of oil based primer.

We do not offer installation.

Within India - Free
Outside India - Shipping charges applied at checkout.
Please read our shipping policy for details.

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Q. Are the wallpapers painted or printed?
A. Our wallpaper motifs are originally hand illustrated/painted and then converted into printed wallpaper rolls.

Q. Do you offer installation?
A. We do not offer installation. Our wallpapers can be installed by a regular wallpaper installer.

Q. Do the wallpapers come with overlaps?
A. Yes. Our wallpapers come in panels with 1inch to1.5 inch overlaps. These are cut off during installation.

Q. Are wallpapers reusable?
A. Wallpapers are not reusable.

Q. What is the life of a wallpaper?
A. Much like anything else, wallpapers last as long as you care for them. Our wallpapers are washable, they can be wiped clean with a wet cloth. On an average, their life is atleast 3-5 years or until you repaint the wall/surface.

Q. Can wallpapers be used in powder toilets?
A. Yes, our wallpapers can be used in powder toilets or dry areas of bathrooms. We recommend using them above a 4 to 6inch high skirting or 48inch high dado tiling.