black buck


this black up got framed, all so dainty in the shahi garden.

they use the term bāgh, baug, bageecha or bagicha for garden. this word developed a new meaning in india, as babur explains; india lacked the fast-flowing streams required for the central asian charbagh. the agra garden, now known as the ram bagh, is thought to have been the first charbagh. india, bangladesh and pakistan have a number of mughal gardens which differ from their central asian predecessors with respect to “the highly disciplined geometry”.

this is part of a mix media graphic was broken down into tiny pieces revealing little by little of this baag.


handmade // walls of tradition

style: hand drawn // mix media

medium : framed art print

frame : 0.5″matte black box frame

frame size: 12″ x 12″ / l x h

mount : 1″on all four sides

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