oonjal is the traditional term for a swing. we're narrating this one as a story of each element that forms the swing and all the influences that helped inspire its final form.

briefly now,

it is important to start with the two anchor points from which it is suspended. swing is only a seat excluding them. they are most crucial in characterising form and function, giving the swing it's motion. the oonjal uses pure brass verticals for suspension. each one is broken into five parts, intercepted by ornate brass animals, hand carved of course.

one of the major criteria of differentiation in swings is the seat. this one is a 48″ x 30″ seat, comfortable for two to sit and one crouching tiny one to sleep.

we've used the idea of minarets, which are verticals with a dome placed on top. these were extensively used in Mughal architecture as watch towers for guarding. we've scaled them down to define boundary and security to the swing.

the sides are detailed with almond shaped leaves. they're placed in a descending height order to provide as an armrest.

hand crafted by karigar Intezar, Premchand, Suraj and Ismyle.


restored burma teakwood
optional // handcrafted brass links interspaced with traditional motifs // handcrafted brass links
hand distressed with final coat of clear matt melamine polish
multi coloured


for your information:

Seat : 48″ x 24″ // L X D
Back : 20″ // H
Arms : 20″ to 10″ // taper

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