this particular piece is called the 'katra' the colloquial term for a 45 degree joint between the edges of two surfaces. to get a clean katra joint in itself requires a certain level of skill and great understanding of material.

being hand carved in a floral pattern and achieving this level of finish, it became impossible to think of any other name to summarise this piece of furniture.

katra is a 6 seater dining table, designed and completely hand crafted in old burma teak by some incredible craftsmen from Rajasthan.

the making: in a grid of forty segments, pieces of teakwood pressed veneer were angled in different ways based on their grains, placed with a 2mm groove between them. a final layer of toughened glass formed the table top. the kalakaarihaath postcard series, designed as a documentation and shout out to the traditional hand crafts of India, are laid in an alternating pattern under the glass.

handcrafted by karigar Premchand, Suraj, Umesh Vardhaman and Ismyle.


solid burma teakwood
TABLE TOP: 12mm Saint Gobain toughened glass with bevelled edges.
GRID: teakwood pressed veneer angled based on natural grain patterns placed with 2mm grooves between each other.
solid burma teak strip laid in grid.
KALAKAARIHAATH POSTCARDS: hand illustrated postcards depicting the various hand crafts of India on canvas fabric.
hand carved teak wood in floral pattern laid at 45 degree angles.
hand carved teak wood in geomteric pattern laid above floral pattern strip.
solid burma teakwood tapering at the bottom with top groove detail.
clear matt ducco polish
natural shade
colour can be matched to existing furniture setting | polish shade of choice


for your information:

62” x 37” x 34” // L X B X H // customisation possible.

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