groovy grains is a side console designed with a set of four drawers sandwiched between two shutters.

designed by the finest craftsmen of Rajasthan, this piece showcases the skill of grooves. pieces of pressed teakwood veneer are placed in a pattern with a 2mm ‘v’ groove.
the ‘v’ groove prevents the collection of dust and hence makes it easy to maintain.
the handles for the shutters and drawers are sculpted out of solid burma teak wood into a form that compliments its usage.

hand crafted by karigar Premchand, Suraj and Ismyle.


restored burma teakwood
teakwood pressed veneer with restored burma teak finishing strip along all four sides.
teakwood pressed veneer hand placed with 2mm ‘v’ groove in the seen pattern.
18mm MR ply shelf and drawers, finished with pressed teak wood veneer.
single shelf in each shutter | un partitioned drawers.
restored burma teakwood with groove detail.
brass hinges.side channels for drawers of Haffele or comparable brand.
clear matt melamine polish
natural shade

for your information:

72” x 18” x 34” // L X B X H // customisation possible.

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