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Product Details
Product Details

Take a moment, enjoy the little things in life.

Size : The zebras are 4 inches in height
Medium : Vinyl based wall decals
Quantity : This product contains 2 decals

Product Care

We suggest you wipe your wall decal clean with a dry or damp cloth.

Installation & Shipping

The wall decal is best applied 7-10 days after a smooth finish oil based paint.

Wall decals may also be applied on any smooth indoor surface except, stone, tile, metal.

Clean the application area with a damp cloth or soap water.

Align the decal in your favourite spot. You can use a ruler to measure and mark the exact spot.

Carefully peel up the backing from the decal.

Carefully place the decal on the application area. Smoothen out using a card or any flat object.

Pull off the masking tape from the top.

Enjoy kalakaarihaath corner!

Simply scan for a video demonstration!

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Q. What are wall decals?
A. Our Wall decals are originally hand illustrated DIY self-adhesive wall tattoos.

Q. How do you install a wall decal?
A. Our Wall decals are self-installed. Refer to the product care in your package or the installation section above for a step by step understanding of installation.

Q. Where can we use wall decals?
A. Our Wall decals are best applied indoors. They may be used outdoors as well. They are best applied on a smooth or slightly textured wall, wood, veneer or glass surface.

Q. Are easy wall decals reusable/removable?
A. Our wall decals are renter friendly. They can be removed without damaging the walls. Once removed the decals cannot be reused.

Q. What is the life of a wall decals?
A. Much like anything else, wall decals last as long as you care for them. On an average, their life is 3-5 years (Indoor and smooth wall) or until you repaint the wall/surface. Life of the decals will reduce when applied on outdoor areas and textured surface.

Q. How long can wall decals be stored before application?
A. We always recommend to reduce the storage life of any of our products and use them to add the touch of beauty to your home as soon as you receive them. The wall decals can be stored for a few weeks, however please store them flat and ensure the masking tape applied on top is regularly checked for peeling.

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