Sustain was founded to realise the gap of Lifestyle Medicine in today’s society. With a vision is to educate and empower as individuals in making sustainable lifestyle changes that would decrease long term risk of medical problems, each individual Sustain program is based upon five principles of lifestyle medicine : Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Stress Management & Connectedness

For each principle the focus is on  three core concepts which are : Education, Customisation & Sustainability.

Taking from the brief, the we looked at the fundamentals of design, the line and the dot as our primary elements. the logo was developed as a motion of lines and dots that come together to form a leaf, a  life based on the brand’s ethos. It translates into the typography as a small gesture of balance between the core alphabets.
The colour palette was an extension to this and remained inspired from earth, where life is born.


Dr. A. Jhaveri

Dubai, UAE